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The following is a collection of Lightship Models that I have found at various places.

Because of the amount of info, it may take a while to load.

Brenton Lightship- a nice example of a "Whaleback" Lightship, for the way the deck slopes towards the outer hull.

George Pyles' Portsmouth Lightship. Find out about the ship and his book on the 'Modeling the lightship Portsmouth' page...

Nice R/C Model.

New Lightship Kit on the market- see the Texel Lightship Page.

Peter Marx, an ex- Lightship Sailor (1955- 56), sent us this picture of the Five Fathom Lightship, LV-79. Model is on display at the Independance Seaport Museum in Phillidelphia. Thanks, Peter!

George Beckford of Marion built this nice model of Nantucket (LV-117) from scratch. He seems proud of his model in the photo, as well he should be noting all the detail he has incorporated in his stunning reproduction.

This model of the St. Johns Lightship can be seen at the Jacksonville Maritime Museum. Information on the builder not available. Built from the LINDBERG Nantucket/ Relief kit.

Model by John Into. http://www.intothings.com

Martin Davis says . . . . "My story is she was saved from scrapping for other uses after the war.... the rest you can make up as you wish....! She is fully radio controlled with working lights. "What's the point?" Well she's the easiest sailing model I've ever built, I just set her on the water, (best at dusk), take her to the middle of the lake and just leave her there with the lights on and flashing. An hour or so later I bring her in and go home!!!! That's what see meant to do, so how's that for scale sailing.

A Scratch- Built model of the Huron Lightship

The one that started my interest in modeling Lightships. My Dad, Bob Masterson of Holly Hills, Fl. built this boat about 30 years ago from the old Pyro kit.

This modeler re-created the demise of the origional South Goodwin Lightship. See the page on this model kit for more info.

This European- design Lightship was sent in by an unknown contributor. Thanks, whoever you are!

Steve Taylor made this Lightship from an antique Meccano Kit

This Model of the Nantucket shows how she looked at the time of her decommisioning with the short smoke stack replacing the one used for her steam engine. Also, it has the updated Light beacons, radars and shows the frame for the sunshade in the stern.

This Lightship was made from a "Meccano" set ( the English version of our 'Erector sets' for those of us that remember them!).

An R/C model of the lightship Borkumriff. If anyone has any information on the builder, please e-mail me.

No, this is NOT a Lightship! Still, it is a project worth mention. This clever "bouy" was built by Bill McNeal of the North Florida ORCAS. He made it from a can of expandable foam, painted to look like rocks, with a storage container from Wal-Mart. He modeled it after the Lighthouse on the Cape Cod potato chip bag. It even has a working beacon! (Photo by Phil Pace with his "Vac-u-cam" boat. You can see his camera boat at http://www.vac-u-boat.com )

A carved wooden hulled model of the Lightship, Scotland.

OVERFALLS Lightship by John Milroy of Georgetown, De. This model was built on a scale of 3/8 inch to the foot.

I have lost the info on this picture, although from the shape, it looks like a modified Lindberg kit.

James Hunt's model of the CORNFIELD Lightship is based on how the ship looked when it was delivered from the shipyard. Mr. Hunt is from Southport, Maine.

A 1/400 scale model offered by Classic Ship Collection. http://www.classic-ship.de

This Plastic model of the Lightship "AMBROSE", is a modified Lindberg kit converted to working radio control by Frank Ryczek of Jacksonville, Fl., head spokesman for THE PIRATE'S FL.A.G. MODELERS CLUB of Fernandina Bch., Fl. This model sports interior lighting, flashing lights in the towers and a two- toned foghorn.

Vaclav Niedermertl scratch built this model of Relief (WAL- 605) in 3/8' scale. See more of this model in the 'Relief' page of the website. Jim Bloom is the new owner of this fine model, winning it in ebay.