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The 1930 Lightship No. 116, now known by her former designation, Chesapeake, is the best-preserved example of a generation of lightships designed to be powered by Diesel-electric plants. Known as the 113-Foot Class, these were the last lightships built by the U.S. Lighthouse Service before it was absorbed into the U.S. Coast Guard. In addition to serving the Fenwick, Chesapeake, and Delaware stations, No. 116 served as an examination vessel off Cape Cod and helped protect the important port of Boston during World War II. Owned by the National Park Service, No. 116 is on a 25-year loan to the City of Baltimore and is operated as a floating exhibit.

This stunning model was built by Master Modeler John Into.

To find out more about the builder, the model and some of his other prodjects, go to http://www.intothings.com